Paynet Deposit Network

The PAYNET Deposit Network

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Hundreds of New Branches Overnight ...


Without Laying a Single Brick

Your Customers' Deposits Get Immediate Credit and, for Cash, Immediate Availability

You'll find the PAYNET logo proudly displayed on hundreds of storefronts in three states -- New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Through the PAYNET Deposit Network, financial institutions can offer their customers and members unrivaled account access. 

Processed by NYCE/Lynk Systems, the PAYNET Network enables bank customers and credit union members with an ATM card to make deposits, withdraw cash, transfer funds, and obtain account balances at any PAYNET Point-of-Banking (POB) Terminal.

In effect, with PAYNET Deposit, you have the ability to enlarge your branch network without actually building additional branches.

The transaction process is simple for users to understand and unlike an ATM, your customers perform their transactions with our live tellers.

The PAYNET POB enables tellers to identify each deposit as cash or check, enables your back office to identify incoming deposits as either cash or check, and provides you with a degree of funds availability you wish to offer. Even more exciting, if your customers choose to pay a small fee, PAYNET enables them to convert checks into cash for immediate funds availability.

Easy to Enroll and Easy to Communicate the PAYNET Payroll Benefits to Your Customers.

Simply call 1-800-4-PAYNET or
contact FSCNY  and tell us that you want to enroll in the PAYNET Deposit Network and we'll take it from there.

We also have a Customer Hotline at 1-800-4- PAYNET to answer questions and help them find locations.

In addition to the many benefits you can offer your customers and members, by joining the PAYNET program you will benefit from the instant recognition of the distinctive PAYNET logo on storefronts.  You can also utilize the PAYNET logo on your internal and external communications to further promote the program and the value-added benefits it provides.

PAYNET Payroll Network

In addition to the PAYNET Deposit Network FSCNY also offers a PAYNET Payroll Network.  PAYNET represents an attractive alternative for financial institutions to accommodate the payroll needs of their customers. By outsourcing payroll check cashing through the PAYNET Payroll Network, employers can offer a fast, reliable and secure method for their employees to cash their pay checks at locations close to home, work, or anywhere in between.

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