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The PAYNET Payroll Network

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Hundreds of PAYNET Locations to Help You Meet Employer and Employee Needs

PAYNET has made a commitment to fill the vital need for cash access across the Tri-state area through the establishment of hundreds of PAYNET Centers -- many in locations where ATMs are not available.

  You'll find the PAYNET logo proudly displayed on hundreds of storefronts in three states -- New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

PAYNET represents an attractive alternative for financial institutions to accommodate the payroll needs of their customers. By outsourcing payroll check cashing through the PAYNET Payroll Network, employers can offer a fast, reliable and secure method for their employees to cash their pay checks at locations close to home, work, or anywhere in between.

  While ATM's have a daily cash withdrawal limit, PAYNET Centers have no withdrawal limit and unlike an ATM, employees can perform their transactions with our live, knowledgeable tellers.

The PAYNET Payroll Network is the ideal solution to meet your current paycheck cashing needs and attract the kind of new accounts you're looking for.

Call 1-800-PayNet or contact FSCNY and tell us that you want to enroll in the PAYNET Payroll Network and we'll take it from there.

We also have a Customer Hotline at 1-800-4- PAYNET to answer questions and help them find locations.

Easy to Enroll and Easy to Communicate the PAYNET Payroll Benefits to Your Customers.

In addition to the many benefits you can offer your customers and members, by joining the PAYNET program you will benefit from the instant recognition of the distinctive PAYNET logo on storefronts.  You can also utilize the PAYNET logo on your internal and external communications to further promote the program and the value-added benefits it provides.

PAYNET Deposit Network

In addition to the PAYNET Payroll Network FSCNY also offers a PAYNET Deposit Network.  Through the PAYNET Deposit Network, Point of Banking (POB) terminals allow your customers and members to make deposits, transfer funds, make withdrawals and check account balances.


Our check cashing locations maintain a monthly summary record of checks cashed. Data collected includes date cashed, check number, and dollar amount. PAYNET will bill the employer monthly through its central billing office.


PAYNET, represents a combined effort of check cashers in three states. It comprises more than 550 licensed check cashing locations in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, Connecticut, and New Jersey. PAYNET has made a commitment to fill the “Face-to-Face” cash access void. Our infrastructure is uniquely positioned to provide a solution to the payroll needs of banks, companies, and institutions. Through PAYNET, you can outsource your check cashing requirements. Once an employer joins PAYNET, employees can use any of our 550+ outlets to cash paychecks at locations close to work, home, or anywhere in between. As amply demonstrated in more than fifty years of check cashing, service is fast, accurate, and reliable.


PAYNET locations provide a multitude of transaction-based financial services. In addition to check cashing, customers can buy money orders, send and receive money transfers, and pay bills such as telephone, gas, electric, and cable. Postage stamps, phone cards, transportation fare cards, and State lottery ticketing are also available at select locations.


  • Banks are seeking alternative methods for accommodating the payroll needs of their customers.
  • ATMs are not always available in areas where there is a vital need for cash access.
  • ATMs have a daily cash withdrawal limit; PAYNET centers have no withdrawal limit.



PAYNET, originally founded by FSCNY in 1994, represents the combined value added network of check cashers in three states, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. These check cashers have served their communities for over fifty years. Throughout this period they have had an unimpeachable record of financial stability. FSCNY developed PAYNET for the benefit of its corporate clients and their employees.

By handling marketing, contracting, administration, and billing, PAYNET is providing a service far beyond that which any single check casher could provide. PAYNET enrolls employers who would like to offer city-wide or regional check cashing services to their employees. The employees of PAYNET-enrolled employers can cash their checks at any PAYNET member check cashing location.

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